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8 days Lhasa Everest-Lhasa-Budget Tibet Tour

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8 days Lhasa Everest-Lhasa-Budget Tibet Tour

Lhasa-Shigatse-Everest-Shigatse-Gyantse-Lake Yamdrok-Lhasa roundtrip, small group size....

8 days Lhasa Everest-Lhasa-Budget Tibet Tour

Lhasa-Shigatse-Everest-Shigatse-Gyantse-Lake Yamdrok-Lhasa roundtrip, small group size....

Famous Lhasa Everest Lhasa Budget Trip 8 days 

This budget Everest Base Camp tour blends Tibet culture and history with some of Earth’s most spectacular scenery! After 3 days easy cultural sightseeing tour in Lhasa, you will get acclimatized to the high altitude and oriented with Tibetan culture. The drive to base camp takes two days, making several stops. Our first stop is at Shigatse city which is the 2nd largest city in Tibet. We will apply alien's travel permit on day4 afternoon and we will leave Shigatse the early morning on day5, drive about 340 km to get to Rongphu monastery, then we may trek 4 km or take local bus to campsite to have the night stop. At campsite we may have opportunities to visit Mt. Everest sun-set. After morning sightseeing in Everest B.C on Day6, we will drive back to Shigatse city. Finally our last day highlight trip will be the Gyantse-Lake Yamdrok trip.

8 days Tibet Budget Everest Tour Highlights

  • Small size group tour (up to 10 travelers at most)
  • Local Tibet travel expert guide
  • Including top Lhasa attractions: Potala Palace, Barkhor Street and Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery
  • Visit Famous Lake Yamdrok, Karola Glacier
  • Stop in Gyantse to see Palkhor Monastery and its magnificent stupa
  • Stop in Shigatse city (2nd largest city in Tibet) and visit Tashilhunpo Monastery
  • Spend the night in the shadow of Mt Everest at Everest Base Camp
  • Well selected accommodation, all necessary Tibet travel permits, breakfast and entrance fees

    Tour  Program  Outline                                

            Daily activity                              

Day1 Get to Lhasa, transfer to hotel Rest for high altitude acclimatization 3-4 star hotel
Day2 Lhasa Highlight day tour Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor streets, Tibetan tea house 3-4 star hotel
Day3 Lhasa Highlight day tour Drepung and Sera Monastery 3-4 star hotel
Day4 Lhasa-Shigatse (280km, about 4-5 hours) landscape trip, Tibetan streets, Tashilhunpo Monastery 3-4 star hotel
Day5 Shigatse-Shegar-E.B.C (5200m),about 10 hours Landscape along the way, Campsite view to Moutain Everest Campsite Tent
Day6 E.B.C-Shigatse city EB.C 4-8km trek, view to peak of Everest,driving back 3-4 star hotel
Day7 Shigatse-Gyantse (90km)-Karola Glacier-Yamdrok-Lhasa Pelkhor Monastery,Kumbum Pagoda, Karola Glacier,Lake Yamdrok 3-4 star hotel
Day8 Free time in Lhasa, Lhasa-final departure have a safe trip to next destination

Travel Tips: The best weather to see Everest North face is April,May,September and early October. While the month of June, July and August is the monsoon season in Tibet. Whether you see the peak or not depends on your luck. However if you can get up earlier in the morning, you will have more chances to have better view, so please try any single chance of enjoying the sceneries. Most of our clients saw Everest Peak even in summer.

Budget Lhasa-Everest-Lhasa Group Tour Details

Budget Lhasa-Everest-Lhasa Group Tour Details


Day01 Arrival in Lhasa, hotel transfer and rest for altitude in Lhasa [with altitude of 3650m]

Your guide/driver will meet you at airport or Lhasa railway station you’re your name sign. After checking in hotel, you’d better rest well for high altitude acclimatization. Travel tips: you are suggested to buy some necessary high altitude medicine to help get well acclimatized. However if you feel quite good, you may walk little bit in Barkhor Streets area to have first impression of Tibetan people’s daily city life.

Accommodation: 4 star standard hotel of Snow Heaven Hotel or Ganggyen Hotel or similar (room on double occupancy) 

Day02 (B) Highlight walking sightseeing tour in downtown of Lhasa: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Bazaar

Today what we will visit in Lhasa is the vital Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple with the vicinities. Potala palace is Lhasa's most important landmark and it is a wonder of Eastern architecture. Your first site of this massive structure will be a magical moment which will be remembered for your rest life time. It has been a palace since the fifth or sixth century and was once the home to the Dalai Lama. Serving as the winter palace for the Dalai Lama for several centuries, Potala Palace contains hundreds of murals, painted scrolls, sculptures, historical and religious documents, and other rare objects. Today another visit we will take is to Jokhang Temple which locates at Barkhor Bazaar. This temple is the most revered shrine in Tibet and is constantly bustling with devout worshippers. We will also be given the opportunity to shop in Barkhor Bazaar, the crowded central market in ancient section of Lhasa where the residence of many local people is.

Accommodation: same as above 

Day03 (B) Guided sightseeing tour in Lhasa: visit Drepung and Sera Monastery

After breakfasts in hotel, we will drive to west Lhasa city section (about 11km) and give a visit to the Drepung Monastery, which was once the world's largest monastery. Housing 10,000 monks, Drepung monastery lies hidden in between the rocky ridges which are just beyond the city. Surprisingly much of the building was left untouched many years.

In the afternoon, the site we will visit is Sera Monastery, a fifteenth century sprawl of golden roofs and whitewashed walls. This well preserved monastery is located just 5km to North of Lhasa city and is home to several hundred lamas. Its famous debating activities happen around 3-4pm quite regularly every working day and we will not give it a miss.

Travel tips: Sera Monastery highlight sightseeing is to visit the Monk's debating activity which happens from 3 pm to 5:30pm normally from Monday to Saturday. If Day03 is on Sunday, we could visit Sera Monastery on Day 2. 

Day04 (B) Lhasa-Shigatse (280km, about 4-5 hrs.): Meals: [Breakfast]

Today's activities: Landscape driving from Lhasa to Shigatse city, Tashilhunpo Monastery. It is 280 kilometers from Lhasa to Shigatse city. We will leave Lhasa around 8 am and get to Shigatse city around 2 pm. We can have lunch somewhere on the road and we will have stops where it is good to take pictures and rest. From 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm we would visit Tashilhunpo Monastery.

Tips: this afternoon, our guide will take your passport to try to obtain the PSB permit (Alien's travel permit) to Everest Area, it will take about half hour (pending the queue at the office), and you may either wait in the vehicle or just walk around. The application could be arranged next morning alternatively according to the local PSB situation.

Accommodation: Shigatse Gesar Hotel or similar if late booking 

Day05 (B) Shigatse [3900m] - Shegar-Rongphu Monastery (340 km landscape driving)-Campsite (campsite is 4 km to Everest B.C)

Today's activities: Landscape driving from Shigatse city to Rongphu Monastery, 4 km trekking from Rongphu Monastery to Everest Base camp.

Accommodation: Campsite nomad tent house or guesthouses in Rongphu (Everest Base Camp Region Accommodation), note: the toilet in Everest Base Camp region is quite simple and not clean. 

Day06 (B) Campsite-Everest Base Camp (4 km trekking), drive 340 km back Shigatse (about 9-11 hours)

Today's activities:  Everest Sunrise and last peak at Everest (8 hours of drive)

Wake up this morning below the stunning north face of Mt. Everest (8844.43 m), the tallest mountain on earth. For those tourists want to go to Base Camp in the morning to have closer view to Everest, we can take the local environment tour vehicle to Everest. B.C and after shooting the photos, we come back to Campsite and then we drive back to Shigatse (340km), and be wrapped again in the endless vistas of the Tibetan plateau.

Accommodation: Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel or similar good 3 star hotel 

Day07 (B) Shigatse city-Gyantse-Karola Glacier-Lake Yamdrok-Lhasa (350 km, 7-8 hrs.)  

Today’s attractions: Pelkhor Choede Monastery, Karola Glacier, Yamdrok Lake

In the morning you'll start the drive to Shigatse, via Gyantse on the Southern Friendship Highway. At Gyantse city, we are going to visit Pelkhor Choede Monastery and Kumbum Pagoda. Crossing over the summit of Kamba  La (4794 m), you'll see  the tranquil turquoise waters of Lake Yamdrok below; one of the three holiest lakes in Tibet. Far in the distance you'll spot the towering massif Mt. Nojin Kangsang (7191m) and the staggering Karola Glacier (5045m).

Accommodation:  same as above 

Day08 (B) Lhasa & Return Home

If your flight or train is in the afternoon, enjoy the free time in the morning! You can walk around the ancient Barkhor Streets; do some necessary easy shopping for your family and/or friends and/or love before being transported to the airport or station.