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8 days Lhasa Everest B.C-Nepal-Budget Tibet Tour

Lhasa-Shigatse-Shegar-Rongphu Monastery-Mt. Everest-Zhangmu-Nepal Border, small group size....

Lhasa to Nepal Overland Tour with Everest Base Camp

Lhasa to Nepal, with visit to Mt. Everest---best itinerary experience, Best Tibet tour bang for your buck....

Budget Lhasa-Namtso-Gyantse-Shigatse Trip-

Lhasa-Lake Yamdrok-Gyantse-Shigatse-Everest-Lhasa roundtrip, small group size....

4-5 days Lhasa Discovery

Explore Lhasa with low price but more personal add-on Trip....

8 days Tibet top highlight tour only 1000$ p.p

Lhasa-Lake Yamdrok-Gyantse-Shigatse-Everest-Lhasa roundtrip, small group size....

8 days Tibet top highlight tour only 1000$ p.p

Lhasa-Lake Yamdrok-Gyantse-Shigatse-Everest-Lhasa roundtrip, small group size....

8 days Tibet top highlight tour only 1000$ p.p

Lhasa-Lake Yamdrok-Gyantse-Shigatse-Everest-Lhasa roundtrip, small group size....

Budget Tibet Group Tour: Lhasa-Mt. Everest-Nepal 2015

This budget Everest Base Camp tour blends Tibet culture and history with some of Earth’s most spectacular scenery! After becoming acclimatized to the altitude and oriented with Tibetan culture, travel groups will head for Mt. Everest Base Camp. The drive to base camp takes three days, making several stops. First at Lake Yamdrok, a vast mountain lake that shines a deep blue on sunny days, second in Gyantse to explore Pelkhor Monastery and Kumbum Pagoda, and then an overnight stop in Shigatse where travelers can visit a Tibetan market and explore the sprawling Tashilhunpo Monastery. Before we embark on our journey into the Himalayan region, we will drive from Shigatse to Shegar Town, on the way we will visit Sakya Monastery. Then we are going to explore the top attraction-Everest Base camp. After seeing the gorgeous golden face of the sun as it reflects off of Mount Everest, we will drive to Nepal by descending steeply into the valley of Mutsang Tsangpo.

Lhasa-Shigatse-Shegar-Mt. Everest-Nepal Join in tour outline

Good news: we assure to get Xi'ning to Lhasa train soft or hard sleeper train tickets, travelers can fly to Xi'ning from any China domestic cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu or so and then connect the same day train to Lhasa.


    Tour  Program  Outline                                

            Daily activity                              

Day1 Get to Lhasa, transfer to hotel Rest for high altitude acclimatization 3-4 star hotel
Day2 Lhasa Highlight day tour Potala PalaceJokhang Temple and Barkhor streetsTibetan tea house 3-4 star hotel
Day3 Lhasa Highlight day tour Drepung and Sera Monastery 3-4 star hotel
Day4 Lhasa-Lake Yamdrok-Karola Glacier-Gyantse-Shigatse (350km, about 8-10hours) Lake Yamdrok, Karola Glacier, Pelkhor Monastery,Kumbum Pagoda, Manarsarovar hotel
Day5 Shigatse-Lhatse (Sakya)-Shegar (240km) landscape trip, Tibetan streets, Tashilhunpo MonasteryLandscape along the way,Sakya Monastery 

Everest Hotel

(best available)

Day6 Shegar (or Old Tingri)-E.B.C (100km) Everest B.C 4-8km trek, view to peak of Everest,driving back Campsite Tent
Day7 E.B.C-Tingri-Nyalam-Zhangmu 270 km Sunrise photos of Everest if weather permitting 3 star hotel
Day8 Zhangmu-Nepal-final departure have a safe trip to Kathmandu

Travel Tips: The best weather to see Everest North face is April,May,September and early October. While the month of June, July and August is the monsoon season in Tibet. Whether you see the peak or not depends on your luck. However if you can get up earlier in the morning, you will have more chances to have better view, so please try any single chance of enjoying the sceneries. Most of our clients saw Everest Peak even in summer.

Lhasa to Mt. Everest and Nepal border overland tour details

Days 1-3: Lhasa highlights: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor streets, Drepung & Sera Monastery

The first few days of the tour are focused on helping travelers acclimatize to the altitude and become oriented with Tibetan culture. Beginning in Lhasa, travelers will visit places like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Sera and Drepung Monasteries. After visiting important Tibet attractions in Lhasa, travel groups will head for Shigatse by way of Lake Yamdrok and Gyantse. In Gyantse, the travel group will learn about Tibetan Buddhism at Pelkhor Monastery and enjoy beautiful art in Kumbum Pagoda. 

Accommodation: 3 star hotel in Lhasa and Shigatse city (B&B basis)

Day4  Lhasa-Lake Yamdrok-Karola Glacier-Gyantse (Pelkhor Monastery)-Shigatse

Attractions to visit: Lake Yamdrok, Karola glacier,Pelkhor Choede monastery and Kumbum Pagoda.
At 8 am, we will start drive to the south west Lhasa direction, through the zigzag road climb up the Kampa la pass (4700m), from there you will be amazed by the breathtaking glimpse of the holy Yamdrok lake with its turquoise color and snow capped Mt.Nyenchen Khangsar in the distance, then continues drive along the lake for few kilometers get us to the lunch stop at Nagartse. The rest of the day will be spent enjoying the many magnificent valleys and exquisite Tibetan villages that pass through; en route we will stop at Karo la (5150m) to see the holy mount Nyenchen Kangsar glacier. Arrival at Gyantse, we visit Kumbum stupa and Palkhor Choede monastery, this magnificent multi-door structure is the largest stupa in Tibet, it is not only well known for its architecture but also its old sculptures and paintings all around its inner walls, late afternoon we will drive to Shigatse which is only 90km to the northwest of Gyantse. Overnight at Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel

Day5. Shigatse (Tashilhunpo Monastery)-Lhatse-Sakya Monastery-Shegar Town, 240 km, about 4 hours

Attractions: Tashilhunpo Monastery, Landscape along the G318 National Way, Sakya Monastery

Today we will drive on the Friendship Highway to Shegar Town, en route we will visit the mysterious monastery which is called Sakya monastery by crossing the Tso-La pass, 4500m above sea level. Sakya is unique for its color and one of the important sect in Tibetan Buddhism, Sakya literally means “Grey Soil” and the name was derived from the Bon Bon Hill (Grey clay hill). Sakya monastery has two parts divided by the Zongchu river, the Northern side of the monastery is not active nowadays and left as ruin that is build by Kon Konchok Gyalpo where most of the rituals and praying happening on the Southern part of the monastery built by Dromgon Choegyal Phakpa. After the sightseeing in Sakya Monastery we will drive to Lhatse along the main road G318 National Way and we will get to Shegar Town around 6 or 7 pm. You will have the first views of mighty Himalayans from the pass of Gyatso la(5400m) in Gyatso Village and you may also have the distant view of Mt. Everest peak from its viewing point soon after climbing Gyatso la. Overnight at Shegar Town

Note: before leaving Shigatse, your guide need some time to obtain the ATP from the local PSB, ATP is also known as Alien’s Travel Permit and it is a permit that should be issued for the border check at Shegar. 

Day6 Shegar to Everest Base Camp (5200m), 110km, 5hrs

Attractions; Rongpuk monastery and Mt. Everest base camp.

Today we will drive straight to Mt. Everest Base Camp by crossing several passes along the way. shortly after the border check point at Shegar, turn off the Friendship Highway and drive toward south in the valley, cross over the Gawu la pass[5250m] through zigzags road, from the pass you will be amazed by the spectacular Himalayan Ranges and its mighty peaks beyond 8000m, Mt. Makalu(8463m), Mt. Lotse (8516m), Mt. Everest(8844m), Mt. Cho Oyu(8201m) and Mt. Shishapama (8020m) from Left to right, climbing down through numbers of switchback bends lead to the dry valley of Tashi Zom and then finally the day’s destination - Everest Base Camp located in the Rongpuk valley. Rongphu Monastery is the highest monastery in the world and it consists both monks and nuns. Afternoon you have an option to do a short trekking from the tent guesthouses community to Everest B.C, it will take you about 2 hours or more per your physical condition (6Km). Or you can take the dedicated minibus instead. We suggest you bring your own sleeping bags for the night as the local tent guesthouses reuse the blankets for several weeks due to their poor facility. Have overnight at local tent guesthouses from middle April to early October. (from Middle of October to next early April, the tent guesthouses close and only Rongphu monastery guesthouse is available.)

Everest Region accommodation: Rongphu Monastery guesthouse or the tent guesthouse in campsite which is 4 km to Everest B.C

Day7  Rongphu Monastery (5000m) – Old Tingri(4390m) – Zhangmu (2700m),

Tibet Travel Attractions: Beautiful scenery over the Thongla Pass, impressive view of Mt. Shishapama, Spectacular waterfalls within the Matsang River Gorge.

As we awake the next morning, a striking view of luminous peaks is highlighted by the sun and it is bittersweet to say goodbye to this landscape that we have gotten to know so well. Next, we will drive south to Nepal and traverse the Thongla pass. Then gradually descend into a deep valley with a series of switchback bends. There are spectacular waterfalls on both sides of these fertile hills and with a decrease in altitude, the dry climate changes into a warm, moist environment and it is clear that we drawing into the Indian subcontinent. Our destination is Tibet border town Zhangmu. Overnight in Zhangmu. 

Day8 Zhangmu to Kathmandu (123 km), Nepal

Attractions: Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge, typical Nepalese villages and 2nd deepest Bungy Jump point in all of Asia.

Today we drive down to the friendship bridge and our guide will help you to clear the China Customs, from there our Tibetan staff are not allowed stepping further and time to say your farewells. Before your departure, we will appreciate if you can spend a short time to evaluate our services either by filling the feedback form or simply send us an email. When you cross the China Nepal Friendship bridge you will pay 25$ to obtain Nepal Tourist Visa (15 days valid time), Then you can easily find jeeps and buses from the Nepalese border town to Kathmandu city. 

Travel Tips: To apply the Nepali visa, please prepare two small photos of you (size as on passports).

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